2017 Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim facts and figures

Here is an outline of all the glorious and prosperous items Tim Hortons is giving away during the 2017 Roll Up the Rim to Win contest.

  • Start Date: February 1, 2017
  • End date: April 14th (or while supplies last, whichever occurs first.)
  • Cup size availability: small (10 oz), medium (15 oz), large (20 oz), or extra-large (24 oz) hot beverage.
  • Number of cups available: A minimum of 294,069,480 Cups will be produced for this contest.
  • Distribution: British Columbia (20,916,600); Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon &
    Nunavut (48,792,480); Ontario (154,202,040); Quebec (36,783,480); Atlantic Provinces (33,374,880).
  • Prizes: Forty (40) 2017 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T vehicle prizes (Approximate retail value $23,290 CDN); One hundred fifty (150) 55″ LG 4K UHD TV ($1,599 CDN); Twenty-four thousand (24,000) $100 CDN Tim Card prizes; 49,007,531 Coffee & Food prizes; One hundred (100) $5,000 CIBC Prepaid card prizes.

  • Odds of winning a car: 1 in 7,498,772
  • Odds of winning a TV: 1 in 1,999,672
  • Odds of winning a TimCard: 1 in 12,498
  • Odds of winning food or beverage: 1 in 6
  • Odds of winning a $5,000 CIBC Prepaid card: 1 in 2,999,509

Total value of prizes for 2017 Roll Up the Rim contest: Total approximate retail value of all Prizes is $77,571,230 CDN
Last date to claim prizes: May 4, 2017 at11:59:59 p.m. ET or store closing.

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I'm obsessed with Tim Hortons.It runs through my veins and I've probably spent enough money downing Steeped Tea's that I could have purchased my own franchise.

  • Scott Wilson

    Odds of winning food or beverage: 1 in 49,007,531 ??? Really?

    • Anita Maria

      no kidding, i buy at least 2 coffees per day and have yet to even win a friggin donut

      • Shamalamadingdong

        Really? I’ve bought at least 10 coffees so far and won for over half of them

        • Daryl Robinson

          There are 49,007,531 coffee and food prizes to be won. That number showing in “the odds of winning” is a mistake.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Yep, I’ve won once, out of countless coffees. Oh well.

    • unknown me

      No it’s 49,007,531/294,069,480 which is about 17%. Less if there are more cups produced.

  • Margaret Ann Carr Stakov

    If you win a car, is it actually yours to keep? I’ve heard you only get the car for one year if you win one.

  • Ro Bert Ta Rdif

    Out of over 50 coffee, me and my work buddy’s only won a donut…. I think I’ll go back to Mickey D for my coffee. At less I win a free coffee every out of every 7… lollll

  • Kardash Eddy

    That is all great but where is a map of the regions, and a page with remaining prizes?