Tim’s coffee sleeves helped the Gulf News increase readership by 2.8%

To get more readership to their paper, Gulf News in Dubai, sought the assistance of Tim Hortons. Apparently “Fresh News,” similar to our tagline, goes great with “Fresh Coffee.” The ad agency used the sleeves on the coffee cups to promote the paper, but decided to make it a bit more viral and social by attaching recent Tweets from the Gulf News Twitter account, then printing them on the sleeve in somewhat real time – Tweet were refreshed every hour, making them “custom made.”

How successful was it? Well, based on a few short weeks in 6 locations – plans are to expand to a total of 20 – the project has seen 1,400 headline tweet printed on over 800,000 coffee cups, an increase of 2,900 Twitter followers, website traffic increased by 41%, but the real bottom line number is that the Gulf News subscriber base increase 2.8%.

That’s the power of Timmies!

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