Canadians “pour it forward” at drive-thru

The worldwide viewpoint of Canadians are that we are a giving bunch. We’re kind, caring and understanding. Apparently the newest trend, at least in Winnipeg, is to “pay it forward” at your local Timmies drive-thru.

Customers drive on up to the drive-thru and order up their daily dose. Once they roll on up to the window to pay, some people are welcomed to the surprise that the person in front of them paid for their order, for no reason at all. Then, out of kindness, the “pour it forward” trend flows down the line.

The Macleans article said “The Tim Hortons server popped his head out the drive-thru window, handed Jordan Farber his sandwich and told him the lunch was free. The motorist ahead paid for it. The gesture threw Farber, 32. “I don’t understand,” he said. “What do I do now?” The server seemed just as surprised. He laughed and replied: “Pay for the guy behind you?” Farber did.”

Some customers choose not to continue the good deed and just drive off, but it has to start with a few. Pour it forward Canada, pour it forward.

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