The Competition: McDonald’s Canada to start selling ground coffee in November

Rivals, bitter morning rivals. Tim Hortons, McDonald’s and Starbuck’s have been battling it out in the coffee wars for years. For years, Tim Horton’s and Starbucks have been offering coffee addicts the option to skip the line and order ground coffee to take home, or the office. This gives both companies additional revenue and it looks like the fat cat in town, McDonald’s, is stepping into the arena.

Starting this November a few McDonald’s locations will start selling a 340 gram bag of coffee for $6.99(CDN). By the end of the year the number is expected to increase to 30 restaurants. McDonald’s has about 1,400 Canadian locations, so the uptake at first will be really slow.

Tim Hortons currently sells their 343 gram ground coffee for $6.99. Starbucks, of course, is on the high side and costs $13.95 for 453 gram bag. So with Tim’s you get more delicious coffee for the same price, plus it’s better tasting. Don’t convert. Stay loyal to Timmies!

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