Great story about customer service and how “Tim Hortons cares”

Just stumbled upon this heartwarming story of Tim Hortons doing right and caring for their customers. I’ve got no clue who Noah Sidel is, probably just an average Canadian, but this story shows how far Tim Hortons will go to make a wrong a right, even if their not the biggest fan of their products. Read the story below:

“Two weeks ago, I came down with a vicious attack of food poisoning that ended up with a visit to the hospital. It was shortly after eating a soup from Tim Hortons, so I made the link that the soup was the cause. After recovering, I wanted to get in touch with them, so my wife and I both tweeted a couple of times about what happened. Rather than ignore me like Starbucks, Tim Hortons gave me a direct number to call.

I called in and they assured me they’d do a full investigation and someone would be in touch.

Of course, I assumed this was some blow-off bull, so I didn’t really think about it much more, until about a week later when I got a call from the Tim’s district manager for my area. Not only did he give tell me about the investigation, etc., I could hear in his voice that this guy really cared. Then he did something utterly shocking: He took responsibility.

To be clear, Tim Hortons is not saying “yes, we gave you food poisoning” because, well, in truth there’s no way to prove it. They said they haven’t had any other complaints and they checked the batch that was sent to many stores and everyone is fine, but there’s no way to be sure one way or another. He told me they did, however, take the time to review all hygiene practices with all of the store staff. That’s a good move.

He also told me the franchisee insisted on giving me a $25 gift card that they’d mail to me. I told him I wasn’t complaining to get free stuff, but he insisted and said he’d send it anyway. He said “we want you to continue to have confidence in our product and show you that we care about you.” And he was genuine.

I may dislike Tim Hortons coffee, and I may not be able to eat the soup for a while, but I have to say that with the treatment I received following this incident that Timmies is winning me over. I’ll never like their coffee, but service like that will make me spend plenty of money on their other products.”

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