Review: Tim Hortons 100th Anniversary Grey Cup “Football Supreme” donut

There’s something to be said about tradition. A tradition for many of us is visiting the local Tim Hortons that you used to frequent as a child and taking your offspring there. The times have changed, but the essence is still alive with every bite and sip.

The CFL is another Canadian tradition. Surely not as popular as the NFL by any means, but still a Canadian classic. Tim Hortons and the CFL announced a limited edition donut, cups, and Tim Card that will be available at Toronto-based stores until Grey Cup Sunday on November 25th. We’ve already taken a look at the cups (see here), but now we’re onto the “football supreme” donut.

When the football supreme went on sale last week Mark Cohon, the CFL’s Commissioner, was present at the press event and took an honourary, but very hesitant, bite (video here). The donut is exactly like the Boston Creme as it has the same pastry, same chocolate glaze and the same filling – just bigger and shaped like a football with piped icing on the outside.

The taste is also the same. Biting into it you’re welcomed with a mixture of fresh dough, graced with chocolate, then a splash of banana creme in the face. Seriously, it’s a good baked product. To celebrate the monumental occasion Timmies has placed an edible (made of sugar) CFL 100th Anniversary Grey Cup circle in the middle. You want to avoid it but can’t. For me, there’s something biting into this medallion that makes me feel like you’re biting into a piece of paper. It’s an easy way to help the branding cause, but something is just off.

Overall, tradition is something great. This donut is a one-time experience and at the very least Canadian football enthusiasts should support the league and eat it. Unfortunately, just like the attendance of CFL games we can’t see many people rushing out to grab it. It costs $1.15 so it’s a bit more expensive than the regular donut, but you’ll feel better about being Canadian. As for the nutrition, Tim Hortons has yet to list the details online.

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