The Competition: McDonald’s Canada starts selling bags of their bitter McCafé Premium Roast coffee in stores

This is not good at all. McDonalds said they were going to come out with their bitter ground coffee this month, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast.

McD’s said that customers can walk-in to one of their restaurants and pick up a bag of McCafé Premium Roast coffee. The price is basically the same as Timmies, 340g bag for $6.99 – but that’s a “special introductory price” so no clue how long it’ll stay there.

“McDonald’s medium roast McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee, made with finely ground 100 per cent Arabica beans is sealed in a 340 gram bag with a one-way valve and seams to help ensure freshness in every package. Now available for a special introductory price of $6.99, McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee is the perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover on your list.”

McDonalds execs also believe selling their coffee in a bag, like Tim Horton has done for years, is a “This is a game-changer for us and we’re committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations with this new product.”

Don’t fall into their trap. You’ll soon find yourself gobbling down a Big Mac Double combo with special sauce. Then they have you hooked for life. Stay true to Tims.

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