Newfoundland’s “Renee’s Angels” crowned as the 2012 Tim Cup Challenge champions

I know you’ve been waiting all year to find this news out – but wait no longer. The champions have been crowned in Tim Hortons annual “Tim Cup Challenge.” This hardcore, gruelling event brings 900 restaurants across Canada and the United States to compete against each other to find out who’s the “fastest and friendliest” when it comes to customer service. Right off the mark you know it’s nobody from Toronto.

Curious who takes home the cup? A team called “Renee’s Angels” from St. John’s, Newfoundland (not them pictured above). They apparently dominated in speed, order accuracy and friendliness to claim the title. Each team member will receive a cool $6k, a trophy that they will need to defend next year, plus “bragging rights.”

Source: CNW

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