Timmies celebrates American Thanksgiving by giving away $35k in various gifts

Today is Black Friday. Millions of Americans rush to the mall, trample over each other, to find the latest discounted deals. This year, like others, will be a massacre and a celebration. For some reason this day brings out all sorts of crazies.

To celebrate this big day, and American Thanksgiving, Tim Hortons in the United States and their “Holiday Helpers” dished out some sweet goodness to those waiting in line to shop. They first handed out $750 in Master Card gift cards to the 23rd person waiting in line at select stores – the reason for the number 23 is because this is the estimated average a person will spend on gifts this holiday season. Not to discount others in line, Timmies also handed the first and last person in line a Tassimo brewer and T DISC gift pack. In addition, the 22nd and 24th person in line scored a $50 Tim Card. Want more giving? The fine folks at Tim Hortons USA gave everyone in line a free donut with the purchase of a beverage purchase.

In total Timmies doled out $35,000! In December the “Holiday Helpers” are going to continue this gesture and keep the giving going… nice of them to show so much love!

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