Timmies refuses boy who’s having asthma attack to call 911

This is not good and certainly not the Canadian way. Apparently a boy was enjoying his Timmies in a London, Ontario store when he had an asthma attack. He went to the counter and asked the Tim Hortons employee to use their phone to call 911, stating ‘Help. Phone,’ but they refused stating that it’s only for employees.

Thankfully there were other respectable Canadians in the restaurant and 911 was called. However, once the medical assistance arrived they attempted to use exit-only door and the smart Timmies employees didn’t let them in – they had to use the front door. The boy was taken away by ambulance and is now better.

Michelle Robichaud, Tim Hortons spokesperson, stated they’ll be reviewing their policies and said the employee didn’t make a connection that boy was having breathing issues. “My understanding is that the young man asked to use the phone and the team member didn’t recognize he was in medical distress. The safety and well-being of our guests is of utmost concern to us.”

Bad. Bad. Bad. Thankfully the boy is alive.

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