Tim Hortons unveils a new coffee: The Partnership Blend

Over the past 8 years Tim Hortons has been working with coffee farmers in Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and Colombia to help them improve their lives and their business. The “Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership” as seen company has invested over $7 million and has currently touched over 3,400 farmers by focussing in on 3 areas – economic, social and environmental – and assists the farmers to bring their coffee to market. The farmers can sell their coffee to anyone and are not obliged to sell to Timmies, regardless of their corporate involvement.

Today the company launched their first product – the “Partnership Blend coffee.” It’s a medium blend ground coffee that has a hint of awesomeness, nut and cocoa. The 343 gram bag is only available in Tim Hortons stores in Canada and retails for $7.69. In true Canadian fashion, Timmies will give back $1 from every purchase back into the Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership.

More info here at Tim Hortons

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