Dunkin’ Donuts CEO says his coffee is better

Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts, is a funny man. Sure he leads a $7 billion per year business, but does he know the power that comes in a cup of fresh Tim Hortons? No.

In an interview with the Buffalo News, Travis said that their coffee and donuts are better than Timmies and that he’s “surprised there’s any debate.” C’mom Nigel. Have you even tried a Boston Creme or a Honey Crueller? Perhaps swallowed a double chocolate Timbit whole? They are mind-blowing pieces of dough. Dunkin’ Donuts are heavy and the coffee is bitter.

Tim Hortons has over 800 locations in the United States.

Q: Why are Tim Hortons and Dunkin’ Donuts often located right next to each other?

A: Well, we probably both do the demographics and the traffic patterns.

We were here first by a long way. We were here back in the ’60s. We’re very proud of our long Buffalo heritage and proud that everything we do comes from the U.S. We have a wonderful partnership with Rich’s, a major employer here. They are one of our top suppliers in the whole country. Tim’s came from across the border.

Q: People here could debate Tim Hortons versus Dunkin’ Donuts all day. Does it surprise you that people are so passionate about coffee and donuts?

A: Obviously we think ours is better, so I’m surprised there’s any debate.

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