Tim Hortons in the Unites States giving retail workers free “I Survived Black Friday” mugs

Thanksgiving is upon our friends in the United States will be soon be gobbling down some delicious turkey, others will spend the day rushing around picking up Black Friday deals. Thankfully, Timmies is here to save you, or pump you up with caffeine to keep you going.

The best place on Earth has over 800 location in the United States and to celebrate this festive occasion, Tim Hortons has decided to focus its efforts on the retail employees who’ll be getting trampled on by customers. Timmies has decided to outfit some of their staff with the title of “Holiday Helpers” and dole out a special edition travel mug that says “I Survived Black Friday” to local BestBuy, Kmart and Target retail employees. Anyone who receives a free mug will also score a free cup of coffee. Good bonus… plus it’ll boost employee moral!

Mike Meilleur, EVP at Tim Hortons U.S., said “This year we wanted to give something to the people who work the hardest—the retail workers. We hope to keep them warm and caffeinated as they put in long hours this Thanksgiving weekend.”

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