Review: The “Holly Jolly Vanilla Dip” donut will bring joy to your mouth

Behold! The “Holly Jolly Vanilla Dip Donut!” So clean looking. So fresh looking. So incredibly scrumptious. Let’s dig in and give this donut a whirl.

Tim Hortons kicked open this holiday season with a few new festive delights. I’ve already reviewed the massacre of flour called the “Candy Cane Chocolate Donut,” but this gem is something that one would call a donut wonder of the world. Blessed with the tradition of being a round donut, the Holly Jolly Vanilla Dip is flavoured like the Vanilla Dip, but has some added sweetness with white, red and green icing.

Holding the Holly Jolly Vanilla Dip donut just makes you want to swallow it at a fierce pace, but you can’t. To name a donut “holly” and jolly” one must pleasantly sit back and enjoy the moment. Listen to the repetitive sounds of all-day Christmas music on the radio. Then you take a bite. First you’re welcomed with a splash of vanilla, then your mouth is met a hint of icing hardness. Subtle, yet present. However, the icing is miraculously refreshing and just the right amount. The number of holly ‘droplets’ on a particular donut varies, but the one I enjoyed had 8 red and 8 green. Others in the Timmies donut tray had 8 red and 7 green. Not sure why, perhaps bakers choice, but still something to take note of.

Overall, the Holly Jolly has 8 grams of fat, 42 grams of carbs and, as expected, a high amount of sugar at 18 grams. There’s just enough donut to icing ratio that really makes you want more. Is the “Holly Jolly Vanilla Dip” a success. You bet! Something to consider buying yourself as it’s only around until the end of the year.

This is the donut that Santa probably hasHonestly. This is worth the money. When it's cold outside and you want a Timmies to warm you up you should also spend a buck and score this gem. The "Holly Jolly Vanilla Dip" will rope you in and will give you enough energy to hit the malls during holiday shopping.

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