Review: The Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom Donut isn’t as pretty as it looks

The Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom Donut has a pretty name. Truthfully, it’s a tough one to swallow. This is one of those donuts that you want to try, but know you never will. So let me take you through my experience.

The Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom Donut only comes around once a year, hopefully. Perhaps it’s made for Santa’s fat belly as it’s a biggie. It look like there’s a total of 7 Timbits squished together, smothered with red, green and white sprinkles, then gently squirted with raspberry jelly. This is a similar jelly mess that’s found in the strawberry filled donut. All this combined glory brings the total amount of calories to 240 grams, a respectable 7 grams of fat, and a whopping 19 grams of sugar. A stunner to your system and thank the heavens above that it’s easy on the eyes.

I was nervous eating this donut, potentially regretful. The breaded portion is your basic vanilla dip Timbit. As stated above there’s 7 balls of donut mashed together that forms a flower like petal. There’s something about eating these shards of sprinkles that so wrong. For me, they aren’t enjoyable, nor do they taste good. Yes, pleasing to look at but a waste of space in my body.

Upon working through the sprinkle shrapnel you hit the mother load of jelly. This is actually the goal of the donut and the best part. You kinda want to leave it for last, similar to the red Smartie, but can’t wait that long because you want to wash down the sprinkles. The raspberry jelly is sweet and inviting, yet uncomfortable at the same time as there’s about a good tablespoon’s worth for you to enjoy… all gracefully smeared on your white teeth.

The Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom took a bit longer to eat. Usually I can down a donut in 6 bites, however this giant was about 9. It’s filling. If you’re thinking about going down the Festive Raspberry Vanilla Bloom road I’d suggest eating it slowly, gently rip each Timbit petal off like a flower and always have some jelly with each bite.

Looks are deceiving This donut draws you in with all the pretty colours and you should know that it will come back to haunt you later. It's packed with a fierce amount of sugar and will sit in your stomach for days.

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