Review: The Pecan Tortoise Torte is a champion

When you walk up to the Tim Hortons counter and order your beverage you’re also welcomed with the temptation of a donut. The latest to join the ranks is the winner of the recent Duelling Donuts contest – the ” Pecan Tortoise Torte.”


This gem was created by Scarborough resident Andrew Shepherd and beat out the Oreo Borealis by a few thousand votes to claim its position (for a limited time) on the Tim Hortons menu. What’s in this you ask? Well, how does a combination of chocolate, caramel and pecans sound? Need more? How about chocolate fondant on a vanilla donut. Let’s dig in…

The Pecan Tortoise Torte is neither a tortoise or a torte but if you stretch your imagination far enough while looking at this donut you can see how the name was selected. The base is a vanilla and is similar to many popular Timmies donuts, including the Boston Cream. In fact, the top of the Tortoise Torte has the same chocolate coating as the Boston Creme, but drizzled with heart wrenching and debilitating goodness. There are two items that Shepherd decided to include that immediately catch your attention: drizzled caramel icing and pieces of praline pecans.

Once you hold the Pecan Tortoise Torte in your hand and take a bite you’d think it would be a heavy donut, but in fact it’s respectable for the amount of ingredients that are included. Immediately a taste of chocolate appears on your taste buds, followed by the caramel and then the praline pecans come into force — which for me are a bit too crunchy to be added to a donut and they actually look like bacon bits. Then the explosion occurs. On the inside, like many jelly filled donuts, the Tortoise Torte also has a caramel filling and it’s just the right amount of sweetness.


The donut can be taken down within five bites and if you’re a Timmies enthusiast it’s a must try. As for the nutritional value of the Pecan Tortoise Torte. Forget it. This is a killer on your system as the average donut weighs in at 93 grams with 30 grams of sugar, 54 carbs, 7 grams of fat (2.5 grams of saturated fat) and 290 calories.

The Champion Donut The winner of the Duelling Donuts contest is a solid addition to the Timmies lineup. The presentation will draw you in but the nutritional value will sink you.

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