Roll Up The Rim To Win comes back February 17th!

The best time of year is just around the corner!! Tim Hortons is bringing their incredibly popular and addictive “Roll Up The Rim” promo back on to loyal hands on February 17th, 2014. The company announced this to HuffPo and while prizes are still not known, the company states that the chances of winning something is one-in-six.

Last year the big kahuna was 40 Toyota RAV4s, plus 100 pre-paid MasterCards that were topped with $5,000 each, 1,000 Napoleon BBQs and a massive 25,000 Timmies gift cards with $100 on them. Most people usual score a free beverage or baked good as there were 47 million up for grabs. The fine print from 2013 stated that the “total approximate retail value of all prizes is $54,204,121 CDN or $54,571,552 USD.”

Hopefully this year will be even bigger and better!

February 17th. Mark it in your calendar.

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