Tim Hortons corporate employees down 6,907 cups of coffee per day

Tim Hortons head office is located in Oakville, Ontario and the company has several regional offices spread across Canada and the United States. Apart from swimming a lavish bath of Timbits all day, one of the perks of a corporate gig, and probably in-store, is having access to free coffee all day long! This will certainly enhance performance in the workplace.

Here’s a juicy Tim Hortons fact for you. Tim Hortons, according to their website, “employs more than 1,800 people in various functional areas” on a corporate level. Curious how many cups of coffee Timmies corporate employees drink? Well, the answer is a whopping 6,907 per day. That’s a staggering 4 cups per employee. The yearly total rises to a stunning 1,795,820.

That’s a massive amount of caffeine and “a perk of the job.”

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I'm obsessed with Tim Hortons. It runs through my veins and I've probably spent enough money downing Steeped Tea's that I could have purchased my own franchise.