Eating the rare Sour Cream Chocolate Glazed Timbit is ‘like eating a unicorn’

It’s not often you see a Tim Hortons baker on video making the deliciousness called a Timbit, especially one of the rare breeds.

The Sour Cream Chocolate Glazed Timbit, which was introduced as a promotion during the mid-1990s, is sparse at Tim Hortons. According to an interview with the Hamilton Spectator, the Sour Cream Chocolate Glazed Timbit is labour intensive when compared to other Timbits on the market. Approximately 36 locations across the world are devoted to keeping this Timbit alive and it apparently also requires its own prepping station. The Sour Cream Chocolate Glazed reportedly is made of regular cake dough, along with “a special cocoa” that’s mixed with the regular vanilla glaze that coats the entire Timbit. This delicate ball of joy takes more time to prepare: 15 minutes to mix the glaze and 15 minutes to allow the Timbits to dry.

Chris Churchill, head baker at the Dundurn Plaza Tim Hortons in Hamilton, says “I’m a chocoholic, but certain chocolates… I like this chocolate. A milk chocolate.” Probably the best part of the interview is from journalist Amy Kenny when she declared eating the Sour Cream Chocolate Glazed Timbit is “like eating a unicorn.”

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