New app estimates wait times for every Tim Hortons location

The anticipation of grabbing your morning Timmies has become an addiction in itself. While Tim Hortons claims that 8 out every 10 coffees poured in Canada is their brew, many have found themselves impatiently waiting in line. Good news has cometh as a new app has found its way to your iPhone.

Tim’s Times” is developed by Saskatchewan-based Qjumprz Solutions and allows you to check the status of your local Timmies lineup. The company states that the app helps you “avoid frustratingly long line-ups.” Of course, all the info is based on user feedback as it’s crowdsource data. The Tim’s Times is decked out in the famous Tim Hortons colours and displays No wait, 3-minutes (cup in green), 5-10 minutes (cup in yellow), or 10+ minute wait times (cup in red).


Grab it here from the App Store

Source: Tim’s Time
Via: MobileSyrup

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