Tim Hortons starts celebrating its 50th anniversary, unveils new ’50 Years Fresh’ tagline

50 years of serving coffee is something to be proud of. Coming up on On May 17th, Tim Hortons will celebrate 50 years of operating its business in Canada and to celebrate, as previous reported, the company has come out with new retail packaging with a 50th anniversary logo and the “50 Years Fresh” tagline.

Tim Hortons will also be selling 50th anniversary merchandise that includes travel mugs and reusable cold beverage cups. These will be available for sale at your local Timmies and via their website starting April 2014. No word on prices.

Marc Caira, President and CEO, Tim Hortons stated “Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the best of the past while working towards the brightest future. Even as the 50th anniversary year begins to unfold, Tim Hortons is hard at work, innovating, working to create the ultimate guest experience and looking toward the next 50 years.”

The “50 Years Fresh” tagline compliments their “always fresh” policy where coffee is served within 20 minutes of brewing.

Source: CNW

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