TimsTV launching this February in 2,200 Tim Hortons locations

Tim Hortons and Cineplex have announced “one of the largest digital programming networks in the Canadian restaurant and retail sectors.” The glorious name is “TimsTV.”

Tim Hortons has been testing this concept in 50 London, Ontario locations and the response was successful. The TimsTV network is an “in-restaurant television channel” and will officially go live in February in 2,200 existing Tim Hortons locations in Canada. The content, according to the press release, will be “creative, informative and entertaining manner.” Like most TV stations, the channel will also see various commercial as Cineplex Media will sell advertising space.

Glenn Hollis, VP of Brand Strategy and Guest Experience at Tim Hortons, said “We are thrilled to bring TimsTV to our guests as part of our in-restaurant experience. Our guests have expressed interest in seeing more news, more entertainment, more weather and more Tims. They are also very open to advertising from a select group of national and local advertisers who fit with our Brand. TimsTV programming will focus on Tim Hortons quality, freshness, and brand values, while also providing entertainment-focused content and community information.”

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