Pictures: The ‘BlackBerry’ donut

Today was epic for Canada. Two Canadian companies joined together for a glorious experience. As we let you know a few hours ago, Timmies and BlackBerry were handing out free coffee to those who entered the 90 Adelaide Street West location in Toronto. AlsooOn deck was Joffrey Lupul, alternate captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who posed for pictures and bought people coffee.

The Tim Hortons restaurant was decked out with BlackBerry signage as the company wanted to bring awareness to the mobile payment option within the TimmyMe mobile app. In addition, a nice surprise was a unique ‘BlackBerry’ themed donut. This was a basic vanilla donut and sported an edible BlackBerry logo. On the outside this limited edition gem featured purple icing, purple sprinkles, and the inside was a filled with BlackBerry jelly.

This was only available at this location today and there are no future plans to make it a permanent item on the menu — maybe the Waterloo Tim Hortons should consider this as an option. Gallery of pictures are below:

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