Tim Hortons VP talks about trust and that ‘fresh cup of coffee’

Tim Hortons was honour by Ispos Reid last week as being the sixth “Most Influential Brands in Canada.” Boom. Sure, five others are ahead of them but those are massive players that have billions of dollars to spend each year on this sort of thing: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Visa.

Ipsos noted in its press release that “Among iconic Canadian brands, Tim Hortons is very influential among Ontarians.” Considering the company is turning 50 years-young this year it’s surely an honour to be even in the top 10 — but they are the first food and beverage business.

A video popped up on YouTube by Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) that has Glen Hollis, VP Brand Strategy, Marketing, Digital & Experience (Canada, USA & International) at Tim Hortons, and it gives a good rundown of the 2013 year and their successes. Hollis talks a bunch about how they focussed their energy into “coffee leadership,” something Hollis notes that everything they do in terms of advertising, marketing and reaching out on the social networks always comes back to that “fresh cup of coffee.” In addition, the 7-minute video really emphasizes how Tim Hortons has build a level of trust with Canadians and this has helped them build an iconic brand. I’d say it’s the caffeine and whatever they put in their drinks that makes it so incredibly amazing.

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