Tim Hortons says this years ‘RRRoll Up the Rim to Win’ will have a 50th anniversary theme

It was previously reported that Timmies will be going live with the glorious ‘RRRoll Up the Rim to Win’ contest on February 17th. A video popped up online that celebrates their recent award of being the sixth “Most Influential Brand in Canada” and shows Glen Hollis, VP Brand Strategy, Marketing, Digital & Experience (Canada, USA & International) at Tim Hortons, talking up their 50th anniversary, the future and also reveals a glimpse into what we can expect for the upcoming RRRoll Up the Rim. Still no word on the prizes… but it’ll have a 50th anniversary theme.

Hollis proudly says that “This is our 50th year. You will see a celebration of the brand. You will see a look back, and as you can imagine our guests are very interested to hear about the history. They’ve been an active part of it. They’ve grown up with the brand in many cases, so remembering what they love about the Tim Hortons brand is going to be a critical piece to what we do this year through the communications. But it will also be about looking forward as well.”

“You’ll see a wonderful contest called RRRoll Up the Rim coming up. It will have a 50th theme.”

“We’re going to start to communicate things so that our guests, and in fact our team, gets a feel for what the next 50 years is going to be like. So you’ll see things digitally that will celebrate the brand. You’ll see a wonderful contest called RRRoll Up the Rim coming up. It will have a 50th theme. And you’re going to see things as we head towards our 50th anniversary, which is actually May 17th, so there will be a lot offline and online, as well as in the community.”

Source: YouTube

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