Bacon-wrapped Timbits!

Bacon. It’s awesome and makes everything taste amazing.

Have you tried wrapping a delicious piece of bacon around your chocolate dip Timbit? Probably not. Tim Hortons United States suggested to go out and grab yourself a pack of Timbits, cook up some bacon and gently wrap it around the Timbit — like a bacon-wrapped scallop — then make a cake-pop out of it. Looks interesting.

This idea was aimed at the Super Bowl crowd as Timmies stated on Facebook that “Want to make your party crowd go crazy during the big game? Serve bacon-wrapped Timbits! They are awesomely savory and sweet!” The reactions were mixed from:

“I want to hug the person who thought of this”
“A double heart attack on a stick…”
“Well this looks like a party !!”
“R u serious?”
“Do we dip them in cheese or gravy!? LOL”
“Yeah. No. That’s sick.”
“I’m gonna puke”

Personally, I can’t see this hitting the Timmies menu anytime soon.

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