Tim Hortons ‘Random Cups of Kindness’ now happening in the United States

The Good vibes are rushing through the United States.

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop’s — also knows in Canada as Tim Hortons — will participate in National Random Acts of Kindness Week with their take called “Random Cups of Kindness.” The main event of ‘passing it forward’ takes place in all U.S. markets at “select restaurants” starting Monday, February 10th until Sunday, February 16th. The complete list of participating Timmies is not listed, but yours should be included.

This deed of “Random Cups of Kindness” was taken from the idea of “paying it Forward.” Customers drive on up to the drive-thru and order up their daily dose. Once they roll on up to the window to pay, some people are welcomed to the surprise that the person in front of them paid for their order, for no reason at all. Then, out of kindness, the “pour it forward” trend flows down the line.

This is the 4th year Timmies has done this spectacular extravaganza and its expected they will top last years numbers of treating close to 6,000 people to a free order. Anyone who receives their order for free will be given a coffee card that is good for a free medium size coffee to pass along to someone else.

“Our guests’ generosity to one another continues to amaze and inspire us,” said Mike Meilleur, executive vice president, Tim Hortons U.S. “What started out as just a few instances of guests paying it forward has now become a bit of a fun Tim Hortons tradition.”

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