Tim Hortons says “Only 3 people know the exact blend and roasting fingerprint” of its coffee

This is an interesting set of tidbits of Timmies information.

A video was uploaded to YouTube recently that sports the title of “Coffee Art.” It’s a minute long and starts of with a guy in a lab coat pouring some coffee grinds onto a table, making some pretty art from it.

Tim Hortons coffee is addictive and a part of the Canadian culture. To get a step up on their competition, Timmies is going the route of saying that “every cup of Tim Hortons coffee is a work of art. From bean to cup it’s expertise in every step. Sourced from some of the world’s most renowned Arabica growing regions, meticulously shipped under the watchful eye of Coffee Masters.”

Boom. “Coffee Masters!” Sounds like a title from the Karate Kid of coffee movies.

What’s more fascinating is that “only 3 people know the exact blend and roasting fingerprint” of what goes into a cup of Tim Hortons. Again, awesome and those people must have some heavy stock and insurance in the company. Finally, 75,000 cups are taste-tested annually to guarantee quality and consistency. Mind. Blown.

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