Montreal Tim Hortons loses burning soup lawsuit, must pay a total of $69,455

Tim Hortons specifically states on their hot beverage cups “Hot be careful.” This was put there by lawyers to ensure no lawsuits came their way by a burning hot beverage. Where the safeguard is not present is on their soups — and it cost them big time.

A 58-year old Montreal resident by the name of Lucie Laflamme has been awarded a whopping $69,455 from a Tim Hortons franchise (9023-9997 Québec Inc.). Here’s the quick story: In 1998 Laflamme waltzed into a Timmies and ordered up a wonderful cream of potato and bacon soup and while downing her first sip she claimed it to be ridiculously hot. Immediately she was scared for life, stating it hurt her both physically and emotionally. The report indicates that this defining moment in her life “caused her years of pain, loss of taste and depression which left her unable to work.”

Laflamme reportedly approached the manager and accused him of knowing the soup was too hot to serve, then decided to take legal action. Unfortunately, the Timmies was unable to locate any records of the temperature of the soup for that specific date and the court awarded Laflamme with $33,333 for damages (with interest as of 1999) and $36,121 for costs. The original request was for $2 million.

Judge Mark Peacock stated in his ruling that “the evidence confirms that the majority of restaurant employees were young and that until 2004, when the franchisor became very rigorous about ensuring these temperature records were properly completed every four hours, the practice of completing these records was very inconsistent.”

Think about this. One sip of cream of potato and bacon soup can cause years of pain, loss of taste and depression. Sad day for Canada. So, the lesson for all of us is to blow on your soup before taking a sip.

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