Probably the worst place to hide from the police is a Tim Hortons

It’s true. The thought of police and donuts are synonymous with each other and date back generations.

This is exactly what Sebastian Poisson, 22, decided to do when he store a couple TVs. Poisson was on the prowl for a new tube and snatched up a couple last Saturday. Around 2:45 a.m, the Windsor Police were trolling the 800 block of Lauzon Road and saw a “person of interest” walking down the street with a couple boxes with cables sticking out of it. The man quickly took off like Usain Bolt. Minutes later, around 3:25 a.m., the officers found Poisson chilling inside a Timmies, covered in snow and his jacket was found outside near a recycling bin with “a large amount of coins, cellphones and several packages of cigarettes.” Police arrested him for possession of stolen property.

Perhaps not heading towards the most obvious spot would have been a better choice, but have to admit that it it’s your last meal you best be making it a Timmies.

Source: Windsor Star

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