Sign a ‘Pre-Cup’ before giving that valuable Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim cup away

Timmies is going all out this year with its Roll up the Rim extravaganza. They’ve upped the ante and brought out 50 cars for the taking, plus also developed a ‘bonus’ roll to celebrate their 50th anniversary that gives you a better shot at winning.

To make things easier for those times when you’re buying for other people and a brawl breaks out of who prize it is — the purchaser or the one holding the cup — Tim Hortons as designed a “Pre-cup” contract. This is, according to Timmies, “is not, and is in no way intended, to be a legal document or create legally binding relations or an agreement or indicate ownership; this was created by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers in the spirit of friendship and sharing – and for entertainment purposes only.”

It basically lists all the prizes in order and what happens when something is won, such as “Whoever rolls it gets it! Recipient enjoys the coffee and the prize,” or “Pay it Forward. Once Recipient has redeemed the prize winning tab and been awarded the prize, let’s give the prize away. Tims on us!”

It’s in a spirit of good fun and Tim Hortons doesn’t want any lawsuits and reiterates that it’s a parody.


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