Tim Hortons ‘Roll up the Rim to Win’ is back! Here are the complete details

The best time of year is back! Tim Hortons Rrroll up the Rim to Win!

In 2013 Timmies offered up a total of 47 million prizes, including 40 Toyota RAV4s, 100 pre-paid MasterCards with $5,000 each, 1,000 Napoleon BBQs and a massive 25,000 $100 Tim Hortons gift cards and millions of free beverage or baked good as there were 47 million up for grabs. The fine print from 2013 stated that the “total approximate retail value of all prizes is $54,204,121 CDN or $54,571,552 USD.”

This year it’s not too much different, just a greater celebration as it’s their 50th anniversary. The number of prizes stays the same at 47 million, but as previously reported there are now 50 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport (worth $26,000 each) in red up for grabs. In addition, 100 Visa prepaid cards with a value of $5,000 each ($500,000), 25,000 $100 Tim Cards ($2,500,000) and millions of coffee and food prizes.

The kicker this year is that the Roll up the Rim cups will all include a ‘bonus’ roll option that offers up another chance to win one of 10 of the Toyotas. According to the fine print, 38 of the in Corolla Sport vehicles are located in Canada and 1 in the United States (odds are 1 in 7,108,346) and the 10 x ‘Bonus Roll’ Toyota’s have 9 placed in Canada and 1 in the United States (odds are 1 in 24,691,985).

As for the total prize amount for this year, Timmies notes that all prizes tally up to $57,102,519 (CDN) or $59,360,883 (USD).

Chances of winning something are one-in-six and available on small, medium, large, extra large cups and a total of 282,694,360 contest cups have been produced (full list of the distribution is below). Something to take note of is that the “Cups will have either a Standard Roll Prize or a Bonus Roll Prize or no prize at all. Cups will not have both a Standard Roll Prize and a Bonus Roll Prize.”

This glorious experience will be at Tim Hortons from February 17th to April 25th.


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