Coffee Time also launched their version of Roll Up The Rim, offers hot tubs, trips and wiper blades for your car

It must be tough to be Coffee Time. At one point the coffee chain was leading in Canadian market share. Many moons later, Coffee Time has attempted to up their ante by adding new menu items that break tradition, such as Jamaican beef patties, which dreadfully confuses its customers.

Trying to catch the wind of a new trick, Coffee Time also came out with their own version of Roll Up the Rim to Win. It’s called “Turn Up A Winner” and the experience is similar where the customer rolls up the rim to find a prize. However, Coffee Time 100% gives back and states that “Every cup is a winner” and offers up several prizes. The downer is that nobody cares, not even Coffee Time. The company quietly launched this program yesterday — the same day as Timmies did with their 50th Anniversary Roll Up the Rim.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.52.56 PM

While I heard Tim Hortons on the news, radio, online, Facebook and Twitter, Coffee Time was completely absent and I’m sure so are its sales. The only hint of the promotion being live are posters outside its stores.

The 2014 Turn Up A Winner promo, from the poster I snapped a pic of, looks to have 10 trips to Jamaica (ties in with the patties), 35 nights at the Toronto Chelsea Hotel, 3 hot tubs, 330 wipers for your car and 140 ‘personal cards,’ which I think is a business card of sorts.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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