‘Please Play Again’ is an all too familiar song about never winning Roll Up The Rim

Tim Hortons will bring a total of 282,694,360 Roll Up The Rim cups to Canadians and Americans this year. There are millions of prizes to be won, mostly coffee and donuts, but also the double down chance to win a shiny new Toyota. Many will win, but many more will see the unfortunate and demoralizing words of “please play again” staring back at us. Those three words are gut wrenching and simply not a good way to start the day.

YouTube sensation “BigDaddyDishrags” feels the pain of and decided to write a song, along with a weird video, called “Please Play Again.” Full lyrics are below.

On my way to work each morning
there’s only one thing on my mind

as I pull into the drive thru
and patiently wait in line

the cars count down to my turn
place my order, fingers crossed

gimme just one double double
without those three words on the cup

please play again
don’t think I can
my heart can’t
anymore caffeine or disappointment

as I stepped into the office
it seemed like everyone was waiting in line
to tell me Mary won a tv
and old roscoe won a bike

I’ll go back there on the drive home
tonight I’m gonna beat the odds
can I have 2 double doubles
without those three words on the cup

one of these has go to be a winner
but under each rim, it’s always the same

Source: YouTube
Via: HuffPo

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