Crispy Chicken Sandwich takes up a spot on Tim Hortons menu, costs $4.99

In the meantime of us waiting for Tim Hortons execs to lay out their 5-year plan, we can devour the new “Crispy Chicken Sandwich.” This paltry piece of poultry has a soft bun, which is a pleasant surprise. Nothing worse than having a hot piece of chicken ruined by a hard bun. Soft bun = amazing choice.


At first glance, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich is a direct competitor to McDonald’s chicken sandwich as it also comes with some lettuce, sauce and a tomato. The local Timmies that I frequent had this on display and the size of the chicken compared to the advertised image was vastly different. This is the case with all food designers — their job is to sell you on the product and the cost of this new menu item is $4.99 plus tax.

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich would be amazing paired with a Honey Crueller and a Double Double.

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