Halifax Infirmary shutting down its Timmies for a dialysis clinic, blames high cost of unionized labour

Being in a hospital is never fun. It’s even worse when the food selection in the cafeteria is awful.

Many healthcare operations have installed a popular coffee house in their hallways to curb the appetite and feed the body for those late night or early morning wake ups. It’s comforting to know, even if it’s a Second Cup, Starbucks or Timothy’s, that there is a familiar place to go.

The Halifax Infirmary in Nova Scotia is in an unfortunate spot. They cater to millions every year and have a Tim Hortons embedded in their operation. Every day this Timmies serves between 600 – 700 people, but the high cost of unionized labour have run them out of time and out of town.

According to a report in the CBC, Brian Rankine, Director of Managed Services at Capital District Health Authority, said “why would we invest money in a model where we lose money? That’s not a good decision… All the employees apart from the management are Capital Health employees and so with our wages and benefits, it’s hard to reach even a break-even point let alone make some money, whereas an alternative model would see Capital Health no longer operating the retail food services.”

Apparently unionized labour accounts for 65% of the cost of running food services within the Halifax Infirmary. One must sell a great deal of Timbits to make up that money. This specific Tim Hortons on Summer Street is closing on March 15th and will be replaced with a dialysis clinic. Visitors will now have to resort to basic coffee. Perhaps they’ll start selling the single-serve coffee instead.

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