Tim Hortons to expand its position ‘as the coffee leader’ by selling its single-serve products in grocery stores

Tim Hortons is going to enter the grocery stores hard in 2014. The company announced yesterday that they plan to make both of its single-serve coffee items available across grocery stores. This is the Timmies coffee that you can brew at home in either your Keurig K-Cup machine or TASSIMO. The caffeinated blend for either brands can currently be purchased online or inside a Tim’s for $8.99 CDN (14 cups), or the decaffeinated version (14 cups) is $9.49.

Marc Ceira, Tim Hortons CEO, stated during the conference call that “we will be entering the grocery channel this summer with our 2 single-serve coffee platforms. As the coffee leader, we believe fundamentally that we need to position our brand when and where consumers wish to purchase coffee. The grocery segment represents approximately 40% of the overall single-serve market dollars. By extending our participation to the grocery channel, we are meeting unmet needs for loyal Tim Hortons guests and we believe we can grow our share of the overall grocery coffee sales benefiting the restaurant owners and the company.”

Not only is Tim Hortons on every corner in Canada, parts of the United States and in the UAE, but they’ll be present in majority of the grocery aisles.


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