Video: Here’s a tour of Tim Hortons roasting and distribution plant in Rochester, N.Y.

This is a pretty cool video. It’s been on YouTube since March 15th, 2011 and has only been seen by about 1,500 people.

When Tim Hortons entered the United States they came out with guns blazing and were declared the 2nd-fastest growing restaurant chain in the U.S. Advertising Age stated that Tim Hortons was one of the world’s top ten leading regional brands and requested a tour of its Rochester, N.Y. roasting and distribution plant. They obliged and Plant Manager Garrett Dobesh was given the honour of bestowing the complete Timmies experience.

Although it’s dated, there are some interesting info from the 8-minute video. The Rochester plant produces 40 million pounds of coffee per year and distributes to the Unites States and Canada. When they begin the process the coffee beans are first removed from the pallets, dropped into a solution and cleaned of any “sticks, stones, rocks, coins, bullets and all different types of stuff.” Bullets. Crazy.

The entire video is actually amazing. It takes you through the entire factory and reveals how Tim Hortons makes and cares for the coffee they serve. The “Central Hub” is similar to the brain and ensures everything is up to standard and to the cup quality Tim Hortons deserves – temperature, colour, taste. Everything that the plant grinds in a day is also packaged the same day. 1,100 pots of coffee are produced per minute.

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