Hands-on with the Tim Hortons Reusable Cup Sleeve

The average temperature of a Tim Hortons coffee is 75°F (24°C). After many years of avoiding customer requests, Tim’s unveiled cardboard sleeves last year (November 16th) for their hot beverages. This delay could have been for many reasons, but probably because the “Java Jacket Utility Patent” went into public domain on November 9th, thus avoiding any fees to the patent owner.

However, for a couple years now Tim Hortons has been selling the Reusable Cup Sleeve. This started off at $2.99 and can now be purchased for a buck. We grabbed one of these ‘cosies’ as there are a few notable differences that might make hand over a Loonie to the cashier.

The sleeve is easy on the eyes for any Timmies enthusiast. The colours are a throwback to the old days as is mostly brown. Splashed across the front is the Tim Hortons logo with the old Always Fresh tag line — the new tag line for this year is “50 Years Fresh.”

The Reusable Cup Sleeve is made in China and this half-blanket for your cup is constructed of neoprene and SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) — basically fabric, rubber and squishy foam. It’s comfortable to the hand and can fit the small, medium, large and extra large take out cups.

As for installation, all you need to do is make the sleeve into a circle and slip it onto the hot beverage until it’s tight. Once the sleeve is secure to the cup, you can comfortably proceed and enjoy the beverage. Sure, the sleeve adds some bulk to your Timmies experience and it’ll also add a bit of weight, but the upside is that your hands won’t feel the heat as the sleeve ads a layer of protection.

Located on the backside is a genius addition for those who are severely addicted. Whoever designed the sleeve and came up with this stroke of brilliance hopefully received a big bonus or a promotion. The reusable cup sleeve also has a pocket for you to hold TimCard. Yes, just like your favourite pair of jeans, the sleeve has a pocket! I tested it out and it works. The TimCard does fit into it, snug as a bug, even on the curved shaped cup. So now you can sleep at night knowing your money is safe and secure. However, I must admit that placing the TimCard into the pocket when it’s in use on the hot beverage proved to be a challenge, a bit too tight for my liking. In addition, showing its long-standing history is the “since/depuis 1964.”

From a “let’s save the environment” perspective, the goal of the reusable cup sleeve is to continually use it and opt-out of the cardboard version, thus saving a few trees. Tim Hortons packaging says the sleeve is best cleaned with is hand washed and “should be air dried completely prior to next use.”

If you’re a ‘sleeve person’ and need that barrier between the cup and you hand, then this is an affordable and comfortable route to consider.

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