Review: The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich is a big chicken nugget with a soft bun

Here she is. Tim Hortons new Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

The new Crispy Chicken Sandwich the pride of Oakville’s new foray into tackling the burgeoning lunch crowd. In all honesty, it’s actually a surprise to see this on Timmies menu, mainly because it is something that has been synonymous with competing fast-food joint McDonald’s. However, Tim Hortons feels they can compete and we believe they have a good shot at taking a few bucks off the table.

At first glance, when you see this on a billboard or in-store you do a double-take as it’s a stretch away from the lasagna, soup and basic sandwiches. It’s like a awkward left-twitch into deep fried territory… which many companies are now avoiding.

There are a few glorious items that make the Crispy Chicken Sandwich something to devour at lunch. First, the soft bun is absolutely delicious. It’s a perfect blend of ingredients and tastes like it just came out of an oven. One must never toast this but or it’ll be an overkill of a crunchy/crispy combo.

Under the hood is the typical tomato, lettuce and special Tim’s mayonnaise. There is just the right amount of vegetable to sauce ratio – not too overpowering or ridiculously drippy. No extra napkin is needed to cleanup the occasional spilled sauce. That basically explains the outside surrounding the meat portion. Now let’s talk poultry.

The crispy chicken is just that. Crispy. Chicken. It’s like a large chicken nugget in a sandwich. If you’re interested for this type of meal heading south towards your stomach then this is a no-brainer. If you’re on the healthier “my body is a temple” mindset then this item is should not be on your bucket list. The crispy chicken measures in at 5.5-inches x 3-inches x 0.5-inches and when you physically bite into it the golden batter and the chicken, you lose all consciousness of what you’re eating. You simply munch away bite after bite until it’s completed. I din’t weigh it but it probably comes close to a pound.

Apparently the chicken is real and when combined with all the ingredients makes for a wonderful experience. The cost of this similar to other chicken sandwiches/burgers on the market at $4.99, hopefully it’ll drop by a buck and be really competitive.

As an entire sandwich the Crispy Chicken is a good contender for the winter months menu item, but over time I don’t see this sticking around for the long haul.

It's New. It's Crispy. It's Chicken. Tim Hortons New Crispy Chicken Sandwich offers a healthy amount of chicken and its golden batter is reminiscent of a competitor. While it's not a typical item one would see on their menu board, it does offer the chance to fill up your belly for $5.

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