Tim Hortons plans to enter the office with vending machines

The foundation of Tim Hortons is built on its restaurants where customers can come in and purchase the delicious coffee, or purchase it in a bag for home brewing. Timmies saw this opportunity and also expanded to a couple brands of single-serve options – Keurig K-Cup machine or TASSIMO. Both these brands will be heading towards various grocery aisles later this year.

One of the new areas that Tim Hortons will be leveraging over the next 5-years is to expand outside the restaurant and into the commercial space by providing vending machines in offices. The vending machine, pictured below, looks like it’ll have a selection of single-serve pucks that a user can select. No indication of when this will be in-market, nor how Timmies will sell it to office managers.

This vending machine strategy is something Marc Caira, Tim Hortons CEO, declared back in September. “If you work in an office, why should you not have some Tim Hortons’ products in your office? I come from an industry where from a technology standpoint, vending machines have come a long way. Why can’t you have Tim Hortons in vending machines?”


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