Tim Hortons to start selling Frozen Green Tea drink in May

Tim Hortons is on a mission over the next five years, one that comes with the internal tag line of “Winning in the New Era.” At the very least we’ll see over 800 new locations pop up around the world, majority of them in Canada and the United States.

From a food perspective, Timmies will unveil new menu items and flavours “that include balanced menu options in health, wellness and nutrition.” During the investor call, Marc Caira, president and CEO of Tim’s, announced that they’ll be bringing a new flavoured beverage to market in May: frozen green tea.

This beverage will go head-to-head with Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino and McDonald’s Green Tea Latte. The company already serves a Green Tea in a tea bag form and this will be similar to Frozen Lemonade, Iced Capp and Mint Chocolate Iced Capp Supreme. The price will be $1.49 for a small and we’ll probably see a promo around the “Chill to Win” campaign.

The addition of the frozen green tea will be very welcomed by Winnipeg-resident Lisa Marchant as she was the women who suffered 3rd-degree burns from a Timmies green tea spilling on her lap.

Source: Canada.com

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