Nova Scotia resident wins herself a new Toyota Corolla in Roll Up the Rim

One of the 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport vehicles in the 2014 Roll Up the Rim extravaganza has been claimed! The lucky person is New Glasgow, Nova Scotia-resident Michelle Bonvie. After downing a medium tea she found the winner patiently waiting for her. Apparently the car will take up to 8-weeks to get to her and Bonvie stated in an interview with Metro that “I imagine it’ll feel real when I have the car in my possession.”

Out of the 50 card Corolla’s up for grabs this year the Atlantic Provinces have 7 allocated to them. The total number of cups being distributed to that region is 28,673,920, which is 10.14% of the total 282,694,360 across Canada and the United States.

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