Unrolled Roll Up The Rim cups hit eBay for $7.99, offers up a ‘Chance Of A Life Time’

There are a total of 282,694,360 “Roll Up The Rim” cups available for this years extravaganza. The odds of winning are 1 in 6 and many Canadians and Americans have already scored a plethora of donuts and drinks, even a car, but for some their chances are not so lucky. Perhaps you might want to take your luck higher and eBay might be your answer.


A few ‘unrolled’ 2014 Roll Up The Rim cups have found their way onto the auction site.  For an pre-rolled cup the price currently ranges from $0.99 for a medium to a ridiculous $7.99 for “any size.” The sellers notes that this is a “Chance Of A Life Time” and highlights that there are 2 opportunities to win this year.

“Think about the possibilities… And trust ME I have thought long and hard about this myself. This cup could be one of the big winners and I would be missing out! I have the urge to RRROLL this cup.. But I want you have the chance.”

Hit up eBay here and here.

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