Tim Hortons ‘Roll up the Rim’ vs Coffee Time’s ‘Flip to Win’

In truth, there is no comparison between Tim Hortons and Coffee Time. Timmies is by far the superior in every manner and the happiest place on Earth. But you already know by visiting this site that I’m very biased.

It struck me that both purveyors of fine coffee have similar contests on at the same time, with a similar name, and ridiculously similar cups — down the exact colours and design. From a distance, or even close up, one would believe that the Flip to Win is a direct copycat of Roll up to Win.

So let’s break down the contests a bit:

– Tim Hortons calls their promo Roll up the Rim
– Coffee Time calls their promo Flip to Win

– 2014 start date for Roll up the Rim: February 17th
– 2014 start date for Flip to Win: February 10th

– 2014 end date for Roll Up the Rim: April 25th
– 2014 end date for Flip the Rim: April 14th

– Total number of cups for the 2014 Roll up the Rim: 282,694,360
– Total number of cups for Flip to Win: 1,686,118 (594,508 small, 714,569 medium, 324,628 large, 52,413 extra large)

– Overall odds of winning a prize in Roll up the Rim is 1 in 6
– Overall odds of winning a prize in Flip to Win are 1 in 12

– Total prize value for Roll up the Rim: $57,102,519
– Total prize value for Flip to Win: $268,712.50

– Prizes for Roll up the Rim include: 50 2014 Toyota Corolla sport vehicles, 25,000 $100 Tim Cards, 100 $5000 prepaid visa cards, plus millions of muffins/donuts and hot beverages.

– Prizes for Flip to Win include: Muffins, Donuts, Oatmeal Bar, Hot beverages, 10 trips for two to Jamaica, 35 One Night Deluxe Stay at the Eaton Chelsea, 3 hot tubs, 140 sets of business cards and 330 pairs of RainX wiper blades.

– When losing at Roll up the Rim is says “Please play again”
– When losing at Flip to Win it says a deflating “Sorry try again”

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