Iqaluit has a self serve Tim Hortons, but during Roll Up the Rim they hire guards to protect from theft

Iqaluit, Nunavut’s Capital, opened up a self-serve Timmies back in 2010. When Roll Up the Rim is on the residents turn into a different beast. Apparently what’s happening way up north is that they’ve hired several people guard and protect the desired cups from being stolen. Since it’s a free-for-all ‘self serve’ location people are taking it literally and scoring a few cups.

Timmies customer Leetia Nowdluk stated “I don’t really blame them because last year they were having a lot of people taking two, three extra cups… I even heard of someone running in and grabbing a whole roll that wasn’t even opened yet and running out.”

Remember, one cup per purchase. No double cupping your Roll Up the Rim. There are a total of 282,694,360 contest cups to go around…

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