Cartoon: Timfills

This cartoon is a bit extreme and out of context. This Bright Future – a weekly comic by Lind published this work on Yahoo! and is called “Timfill.” It hints that Timmies is responsible for a massive amount of waste, namely the millions of Roll Up the Rim cups, that Canadians throw out everyday.

The cartoon shows that 8 out the 10 cups are coming from Timmies, which is true as 8 out of the 10 cups of coffee purchased in Canada are at a Tim Hortons – but it’s incorrect for the artist to claim this as some old-timers actually get their java in a mug and sit in the restaurant.

I understand this is all in good fun. I must admit that I’ve seen a random Timmies cup on the side of the road or beside the garbage can… but the complete truth is also important.


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