Review: ‘Mau5head’ Timbit is the happiest Timbit you’ll ever eat

How do you take something that is already awesome and make it better? Add Deadmau5 to the mix.

It’s no secret that the Canadian-born DJ likes the finer things in life and that’s why he’s a big Tim Hortons fan — probably addicted like many of us are. Deadmau5 recently took to Twitter and asked if there is any possibility of creating a “mau5head donut?” Timmies follow-up and quickly produced the “mau5head Timbit” that resembles his signature brand.

The mau5head Timbit is unique as they’ll probably never be available in restaurants, so it’s up to you to re-create the picture. Could be something to do after a Deadmau5 experience. To accomplish this you’ll need two chocolate dip Timbits,2 toothpicks and white fondant.

I ventured out to my local Timmies and secured the authentic ingredients to make the mau5head. The assembly took just shy of 3 minutes and you’ll first need to cut the Timbit in half and put the toothpicks in place to secure the ears. Before forming the mouth and eyes, it’s best to warm up the fondant for a few seconds. For those who are not bakers this will prove to be the trickiest part as fondant can be a bit messy.

Once you finish, it’s best to take a step back and admire your work. Gaze at the amazement you created and reward yourself by eating it all up. Throw on some Deadmau5 for good measure and escape the daily grind.

The taste of the mau5head Timbit has a bit more flavour than the original chocolate Timbit. Perhaps it was the effort to make it personal, or could be the additional fondant, but most likely it’s the fact that Deadmau5 is somewhat associated with it. The chocolate simply bursts with flavour and leaves you craving for another. This is highly recommended, but will take a bit of magic to make it reality.

A twist on a classic Timbit, now with Deadmau5 branding This is the best thing to happen to Timbits since the Timbit was invented in 1976. It will take a bit of work to recreate this magic, but the experience will be worthwhile. Chocolate and white fondant heaven.

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