Tim Hortons applauds new Pig Code, says it ‘represents a significant advance forward in pig welfare’

There is a governing body that looks out for the pigs — not the police but farm animals.

The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is the name and they have released a new Pig Code that ensures they are well handled before the inevitable happens. In a press release, Tim Hortons stated they applaud the work of the “Pig Code Development Committee,” which they “believe represents a significant advance forward in pig welfare.” Timmies is talking about how farmers are housing and treating the pigs and ensuring that they are following “more humane animal housing.”

Scott Bonikowsky, VP of Corporate Affairs at Tim Hortons, said “NFACC takes an engagement- and science-driven approach to improve farm animal care in Canada. In our view, we believe NFACC has made a considerable step forward for the welfare of pigs.”

Tim Hortons recently introduced thick cut bacon onto its menu.

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