Halifax-resident only sees stars in Roll Up The Rim misprint cup, dreams of a car but given a free coffee

When we “Roll up the Rim” to see if we’ve won a prize — possibly a car, coffee or donut — most of us see “Please play again.” However, over in Halifax, all John Bennett saw was stars. He thought this meant he won himself a car, “My son suggested I roll the cup all the way around because maybe it would say something.”

Unfortunately, the cup was a misprint and Tim Hortons spokesperson Michelle Robichaud stated that “Basically, it’s either just the beginning or end of a print run when the machines run out of ink, and that’s basically what happened. The way that the prizes are seeded, all those major prizes are accounted for. We can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was no car underneath that rim.”

The good news is that anyone in a similar situation of a cup misprint will automatically be given a free hot beverage.

Roll up the Rim this year will see a total of 282,694,360 contest cups be produced. In regards to cups allocated with winning the Toyota Corolla in the east coast, Timmies rules and regs say there are 7 vehicles up for grabs. One of the cars has already been claimed.

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